ArriAlexaMini 8 scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Lights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Bonjour fellow film enthusiasts, photo fanatics, and everyone in between! We’re here to guide you through the enchanting world of cinematic wonder. Welcome to a tantalizing tour of our top 5 rental cameras of 2023 here at

1. The Sony FX9 – The CineMaster

Starting off our countdown with a bang, the Sony FX9 takes the cake. This little titan packs a punch in terms of versatility, dynamic range, and color science. Oh, and did we mention it has 6K Full-Frame sensor? That’s right, six-ka-pow! Flexibility and resolution coalesce in this beautiful piece of tech, making your footage look like Mona Lisa’s secret cinematographic portfolio. FX9, ladies and gentlemen, is a beast you can tame with just a ‘click’!

SonyFX9 2 scaled

2. Arri Alexa Mini – The Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

Whoever said ‘size matters’ had clearly never seen the Arri Alexa Mini. This petite yet powerful camera is the David in a world of Goliaths, proving that sometimes less really is more. Housing an impeccable colorimetry and a robust build, it’s no wonder that this gem is a darling in the world of camera rentals. Alexa Mini doesn’t just whisper quality, it sings it in full soprano!

ArriAlexaMini 2 scaledArri Alexa Mini

3. Canon C300 MKIII – The Quiet Achiever

Halfway through the list and Canon makes its grand entrance. Unassuming yet highly capable, the C300 MKIII is like the indie film that quietly sweeps the award season. Its Super 35mm 4K sensor provides images so crisp you’d swear you could step into the scene. And with the added bonus of Canon’s signature color science, the C300 MKIII isn’t just part of the race, it’s a marathon runner on steroids!

CanonC300MKIII 6 scaled

4. Canon C70 – The Bold and the Beautiful

Meet Canon’s rockstar, the C70. This camera for rental has it all: killer looks, rock-solid performance, and a flair for the dramatic. With its RF mount and Dual Gain Output sensor, it delivers stunning 4K imagery with a dynamic range to die for. Whether you’re shooting a drama or a documentary, the C70 will get you the Oscar-nod shots that make audiences gasp. The C70 is not just a camera, it’s the reincarnation of Picasso with a digital heart.

CanonC70 1 scaled

5. Sony FS7 – The Timeless Classic

No list of top camera rentals would be complete without the venerable Sony FS7. Like the Beatles of the camera world, the FS7 just never goes out of style. Its powerful Super 35 sensor and ergonomic design have won over the hearts of videographers everywhere. It’s reliable, it’s versatile, and it’s just so darn good at what it does. The FS7 is the silent sage that whispers, “In a world of TikToks and Reels, let’s create a masterpiece”.

So there you have it – our lineup of the top 5 camera rentals of 2023! Remember, with great power (and great cameras) comes great responsibility. But don’t fret! We at are here to help you navigate this wondrous journey from ‘action’ to ‘cut’. So go ahead, rent a camera, make some magic, and let the world marvel at your masterpiece.

SonyFS7 1 scaled

Green Screen For Rent

Green Screen Stage in Las Vegas!

If you're already familiar with our awesome new three-walled cyclorama stage, then perhaps you know that it can be painted. That's right! Our 35'x36' stage can be painted... pretty much any color you want. While Chroma Green has been the most popular choice away from matte white, we have had a few other requests, and bookings with various colors. We've had requests for black, blue, and even light pink; we've booked a photo shoot with baby spinach, which ended up looking nice!

0FFAD4F1 9A48 45D2 AE94 F04902FA061E 1024x768Green Screen Stage in Las Vegas!
Baby Spinach

Once we have our awesome, motorized light grid up, as well as the lights, then, you can potentially paint the dang thing any color you want with light. Until then though, this is a great way to add some razzmatazz to your shoot. Also, depending on your project, you may not be able to bath the stage in light, you may need to paint it... but, you'll figure that out.

So, for your next Las Vegas video shoot or photo shoot, look no further than your good friends at F11 Rentals. We'll bring the paint rollers!

Haze scaledThe Benefits of a Haze Machine in Videos

The Benefits of a Haze Machine in Videos

A Haze Machine can be a very valuable tool for productions. Music Videos, Films, and Commercials are all examples of good times to add haze. Let's look at these examples more thoroughly.

Music Videos

First, Music Videos. Not every video or scene calls for the addition of haze, but a lot could. Adding haze to a party scene to add "atmosphere" is a very popular move. Additionally, if the song is heavier or darker, adding haze may intensify the heavy, dark, sinister mood of the song. There is a difference between haze and smoke, so take note of that; the haze is a lot lighter. So, if you're trying to soften up the image, maybe soften up a practical light source, haze is the way to go. If your artist/talent is supposed to walk through a smokey building, haze is not the way to go. In all, haze can give your music video just the right type of cinematic atmosphere and softness to make it stand out from the multitude of other videos.


Here's an example: FiveSix Productions of Las Vegas/Long Beach shot a short film in Utah. The film took place in a cabin in the woods, and was a physiological drama. Now, you may thinking, "Oh, the haze made the cabin creepy!" No. All the haze was used for was to create a bit of "atmosphere" in the rooms. It didn't look hazy at all, but, it did create a little bit of softness, and glow. To the untrained eye, you would never know it was hazy, but without, it wouldn't have looked so cinematic. Think of it like this: haze is to a cinematic look, as shallots are to a restaurant quality dish. Adding a tiny bit of haze will give the picture a little extra quality, and shallots will give a dish a little extra flavor.


Finally, commercials. Again, similar to films, there are so many different uses. Dense haze can add a rich atmosphere to beauty and fashion products. If you're creating a creepy environment such as a a haunted house, cemetery, etc., haze is great. Concerts or clubs of any kind generally have haze machines. Or, again, a dramatic, cinematic style commercial could really benefit from a tiny bit of haze to create 'atmosphere'.

So there you have it. If you have any questions, make sure to drop a line. If you would like to rent a Hurricane Haze Machine for your next project, make sure to reach out and we'll get you squared away!

Canon VS Sony VS Nikon 525x350 1Matching cameras on Multi-camera shoots.

Matching cameras on Multi-camera shoots.

How important is it to match cameras (make and model) on multi-camera shoots? Like everything in production, that depends on your end goal. Generally speaking, you always want to match not only brand (make), but also the model of camera. There are differences for instance, between the image produced by a Sony FS7 MkII and a Sony a7S II, but it's not a huge difference. You could dive into the specs of the processors, image sensors, color space, etc., but when push comes to shove, they're very similar. Let us hypothesize a few scenarios:

Two-subject, three-camera interview. Budget is always the driving factor in production. Using a DSLR as your lock-off wide shot for a two or three person interview is great. You can easily match shooting specs, and shoot without a color profile. Additionally, run audio to your nicer cameras capturing the singles, and you're great.

Event coverage with interviews. If you have the budget to have a Sony FS7, Canon C300 MkII, or similar, you want to take advantage. However, getting smooth gimbal or slider shots is much easier with a DSLR and Ronin-S or Cinevate Duzi (think small and light). The b-roll that you're using to compliment your interviews will look great as long as you're matching camera makes (Canon with Canon, etc.)

Different cameras, same assignments. If you have two crews capturing similar content, but using different brands of cameras. The common viewer may not notice, but an experienced client probably will.

All in all, while the world won't end if you mix camera brands or models... life will be easier if you don't.

IMG 7161Loading Production Gear into Las Vegas Hotels.

Loading Production Gear into Las Vegas Hotels.

Las Vegas Video Production often happens in, on, and around The Strip. Whether you're on Las Vegas Boulevard or in one of the many properties, it's important to know how to get around. Logistics are of course, a huge part of any production. That being said, how do you get your gear into the hotels? Can you just push through the front doors? Do you have permission to use the Loading Dock? Maybe just bring a flashlight and record on your iPhone?

A lot of times, if you have a Grip Cart or less worth of gear, you can push through the lobby/hotel. If you have multiple or larger carts, you may need to use the loading dock. Gaining access to the loading dock always requires permission, and occasionally an appointment. By simply calling the property, you should be able to set up a time to use the loading dock for a short while. Remember that docks are busy places, so you have to be quick and usually can't leave your vehicle.

In rare instances, the loading dock will actually be more trouble than not, and so, it's best to use self parking. Remember, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. All told, most properties are willing to accommodate, and they're grateful for the business your client brings. If you work with them, they're usually willing to help you out. If you have any questions, drop us a line!