Las Vegas Video Production Studio

We wanted a creative space that didn't lack in features or functionality. We spent the last two years designing and building our production studio. What we created in our 2500sqft studio is a 3-walled cyclorama stage with all the bells and whistles.

Looking for a centrally located studio not under the flight path. Our production studio is quiet, climate controlled,  and comes with the best support staff in Vegas.

Green Screen For Rent

3-Walled Cyclorama

Measuring 26 x 34 x 36 with 18ft walls. The cyc can be painted any color to accommodate your production needs.

F11 Rentals Makeup


We have a dedicated 8" X 20" container just off set. With design input from our makeup artist friends. The container boasts a dedicated AC unit, a 12ft counter, 2 makeup stations, Floor to Ceiling mirrored walls, and (3) 20amp circuits.

F11 Rentals Las Vegas


Just up the spiral staircase and overlooking the stage is our 320sqft Producer's deck. With a TV feeding from the stage and plenty of seating, clients and producers have a comfortable space to oversee the production


South of the Airport and minutes from the strip. Our location is one of the few spaces not under the flight path.