On a recent trip to L.A., we stopped by American Grip Inc., one of our favorite grip-gear manufacturing companies, to check out their inventory and do a little shopping. While we were there getting some awesome gear for our 1-ton Sprinter, we couldn’t resist poking around… heck, that’s what company credit cards are for. We found all sorts of fun things, but our favorite pick-up from that trip has to be these cool extender arms. Now, as anyone who has worked with grip and lighting knows, the gear often has some pretty interesting names, these tools on the other hand, didn’t seem to have a name at all, nor were they in their catalogue. However, after a little back-and-forth, we agreed on a price, and have been ultra happy ever since. These awesome extender-arms, as we’ve started calling them, measure in at 26 1/2 inches retracted, and nearly double in length to 43 1/4 inches fully extended. We recommend them for flying in back and rim lights, especially with green screen set ups, or when you have a wider lens on, and the c-stand is creeping in on the side.

So, make sure to ask about adding one or two to your next Las Vegas production gear rental order, as we’re not sure if you can buy them from American, because we don’t know what the heck they’re called, and can’t find them in the catalogue. Until next time, happy shooting.