It’s been about a year now since we’ve invested in our Sound Devices 664 audio mixer/recorder and a little less for our 633. At first, as you may remember, we had a bit of a strenuous relationship with the audio department. However, here at F11 Rentals, we aim to be the best Las Vegas video production gear rental house, even if that means offering up, and learning how to use the best audio gear available. Our mantra is: if you want to be the best, you’ve gotta know more than the rest. (That’s not official.) I’m sure there are bigger, fancier, more sophisticated audio mixers- I mean, I doubt they mixed the latest Star Wars picture on one of the aforementioned mixers (maybe, but I doubt it); but for the vast majority of what we see shot here in Vegas, they work great.

** If you or someone you know is interested in renting one of these fine mixers, just head over to the respective pages for the package information. An overview: The Sound Devices 664 or 633 mixer/recorder, two to three lavalier microphone kits, a shotgun microphone with boom poll, xlr, wireless transmitter plug, and two MP90 batteries to last you pretty much forever. **

There’s a lot to learn off the bat: navigating the menus, figuring out what goes in the multitude of slots and ports, what the heck all those dials do… and so many other terrifying things. We have found, much to our surprise, that it won’t kill you or give you itchy diseases to use audio gear; and although you get some guff from those jerks in the camera department- and craft services…  it’s rewarding to have our clients return with positive feedback.

Well, I’m feeling feverish talking about audio so much, so I’m going to go watch The Revenant on mute. Good day.