From time to time, we here at F11 Rentals like to poke around that internet thing, and find out what’s the hap’s with cameras and stuff. Well, needless to say, we found some pretty crazy hap’s happening over at Canon. The ME20F-SH is a new, multi-purpose camera that can be used for a bouquet of scenarios. A 2.2MP high sensitivity CMOS sensor enable users to shoot crisp, colorful, detailed photographs at low-light conditions. Using the 35mm full frame CMOS sensor, an equivalent ISO of 4,000,000 (that’s right, million!!!) can be achieved. So, whether you’re shooting Hollywood stars, or stars in Hollywood, you can do both with amazing crisp, clear results. Also, it’s shaped like a cube- fun fact.

We don’t have one here at F11 Rentals, but once I find which club I left my company credit card at, I’ll see if I can wrangle one up. Go here to check out all the fancifulness of the camera from Canon’s own mouth; and also, go here, to return to our camera selection and get going on your next Las Vegas video production rental gear order.