F11 Rentals spent the weekend on the red carpet (it was actually T-Mobile magenta) for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards over at the T-Mobile arena here in Las Vegas. Las Vegas production rental gear needs often find their way into such situations, and we here at F11 are happy to fulfill any and all requests possible. We recommend our Sony PMW 300s, or Panasonic HPX 500s for their great image, and ENG-favored designs. There isn’t much room on the red carpets, so we also suggest one of our smaller tripods. Some prefer to go handheld or with a monopod, while we can’t provide actual hands, we do have monopods. Lastly, one of our smaller audio mixers with some good handheld microphones will make life easier (remember, no wireless, so we’ll get you set up with plenty of xlr). So, there you have it, some quick, basic recommendations for the next carpet you work. Our best, friends.