We’ve recently procured some amazing light panels- not just light panels, but Litepanels… Litepanels Astra 6x to be more precise. If you’re in the know, and we know you already know, because no one who doesn’t know is worth knowing, you know that these lights are AMAZING!

The output is incredible, it’s powerful but soft. The temperature range is broad, but it’s calculated and precise. The light panels come in pairs (because no one rides alone), with collapsable stands, and both AC power and V-mount plates- all in a strong, dependable case.

These lights are not only popular because they made varsity their freshman year, but also, because they’re friends with everyone from the A/V Club to shop class. If you want to be cool also, try renting a pair, and see what it will do for your hallway status- I bet you start getting invited to way more parties!