F11 Rentals recently made an addition to our Edelkrone Slider Plus system. The recently released steady module was put through our series of real-life, on-location tests, and it passed with flying colors! Before this addition was released, executing completely smooth slides while shooting video wasn’t always a guarantee. While the Slider Plus offers smooth, quality slides, there always seemed to be one specific speed you could slide at, and anything slower or faster included a few bumps or “hiccups”.

With the Steady Module, tension is applied to the cable system, allowing friction to be transferred into the module, and away from the camera. Tension is also adjustable, allowing for an expanded range of speeds for your slides. This item is excellent, and we’re excited to offer it along with the Motion and Action Modules with the Edelkrone Slider Plus system.

If your Las Vegas video production calls for some sweet, steady moves, give us a call, and allow us to set you up with a great video production rental package.