It’s that time of year again, time for the 48 Hour Film Festival to return to Las Vegas. This amazing event gives filmmakers of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to flex their creative and speedy film-making muscles- in a compact time frame. Each team has just 48 hours to create a film, start to finish, and submit it for a judging panel. Now- this may seem super easy, or super impossible- both are correct! If you try to do to much, you’ll never finish, so keep it simple. However, if you’re not creative, and just submit a bunch of footage of ramen noodles heating up in the microwave, you’ll probably not stand out.

We here at F11 Rentals are proud to be VIP sponsors of this years’ competition, and cannot wait to be a part of all the festivities. We welcome teams to reach out for your last minute rentals. Let us know you’re part of the competition, and we’ll be happy to extend our 25% discount to you and your team. Best of luck to all the teams, we can’t wait to see your final product.