Keep a sharp eye out for some filthy crooks! Last night (May 7th), some cowards decided to break into our humble abode, and they took some of our gear. What did they steal? Besides our calm sense of love and happiness, the took:

RED Epic Dragon 6K camera package (with EVF, LCD, matte box, and much more)

3x Canon C300 Mark II packages (with LCD, media, batteries, etc)

Canon C300 Mark I package (with LCD media, batteries, etc)

Sony a7S package (with media, batteries, etc)

Canon 5D Mark II package (with batteries and media)

Various Canon L-Series zoom lenses

4x Mac Pro Laptops

So, if some moron shows up at one of the many pawn shops here in town, your production office, or in a creepy van with a bicycle, ice cream, and a clown painted on the side trying to sell you some “totally legit cameras”- they’re probably ours. Luckily, the fine men and women of Metro, our stellar security crew, and ALL OF THE CAMERAS will be working hard to find the buttheads who robbed us. We’ll see you soon, crooks!