Bolt 4K LT scaledDependable wireless 4K video with Teradek 750 and 1500!

Dependable wireless 4K video with Teradek 750 and 1500!

We saw the need to improve and bolster our wireless video capabilities, and what better way that with the Teradek 4K 750 LT and Teradek 4K 1500 LT! The strength of signal is much improved upon from the Teradek 500, especially with the inclusion of multiple antennas on both units. As the name suggests, these units are capable of 4K signal transfer via HDMI and 1080 via SDI. Teradek has made their units capable of mix-and-match along with increasing the number of receivers per transmitter to six! There are a myriad of other cool features we can talk about, but we suggest getting your hands on a set and testing it out for yourself! For your next Las Vegas camera rental or Las Vegas video production, make sure to reach out to us here at F11 Rentals for all of your gear and studio needs!

Cinevate 1Cinevate 24-inch Duzi 4 Slider

Compact Slider Delivers Excellent Results!

The Dana Dolly and new MYT Works 4' sliders are great, but sometimes a shorter option is needed. Enter the Cinevate 24" Duzi 4 Slider! True to it's name, this thing is a duzi. An onboard flywheel adds increased dampening, creating one of the smoothest sliders we've come across. Most sliders experience a rougher ride when the camera load is light, not the Duzi 4. The folks at Cinevate perfected the slider with a flywheel driven by roller-bearings, a wider profile, and sturdy construction. For short, smooth camera slides, this is the way to go! Rent one today for your next Las Vegas video production!

NanoLockit 2Ambient NanoLockit

NanoLockit keeps perfect timecode!

Our new NanoLockit Wireless Timecode Generators are wonderful! One of our very few complaints about the Canon C300 Mark II is the tendency for timecode to drift. The timecode drift is usually very subtle, but any loss of synchronicity is not acceptable for post production. To ensure audio and video stay synchronized, we've invested in NanoLockits which effectively hold timecode, guaranteed. These boxes are simple to use, light weight, and dependable. Rent our NanoLockits to add security and ease-of-mind to your next shoot!

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