We here at F11 Rentals stay pretty busy! Between handling all our outgoing and returning Las Vegas video gear rentals, to drafting estimates, chasing leads, and spreading the good word, there’s hardly a moment to slack off and watch a couple episodes of It’s Always Sunny on the clock. However, one of the most useful and important aspects of our job is maintaining our studio. Our studio is where all of our gear lives and thus, it’s where out “bread and butter” lives. During the busy season, there’s hardly a moment when something isn’t outgoing or incoming, and it’s very important to make sure that we’re not only assuring all of our gear comes back in total but also in working order. We take pride in delivering the best rental gear, and that means it needs to be clean, organized, and of course, running smoothly (especially that darn slider). We of course love when our clients return the gear the same way it went out, but understand that life on set is often hectic; so it’s our pleasure to make sure we cross our “Is” and dot our “Ts”, and make sure each rental goes out correct. That being said, my episode of South Park is just about over, so I guess I’ll go tidy up the studio for the next round of rentals.