If you thought our gear was only capable of working in air-conditioned convention halls and meeting rooms, well then, you have another thing coming, buddy! F11 Rentals sent a Canon C300 and Sony a7S rental package out on a music video shoot that had it way up near the tippity-top of Mount Charleston, and down in the sweltering heat of the Jean Dry Lake Bed. Our gear conquered the day among the aspens and pines of the refreshingly cool mountain tops, down in the formidable 110 degree, sun baked dirt of the Mojave, and even bounding across the rugged terrain of Red Rock Canyon. So, if you are having a bully day with say… Bear Grills, or maybe just a bear, consider our capable Las Vegas based rental gear for your Las Vegas video projects.

imgF11 Gear Goes On An Adventure #MountainFilming #DesertFilming