Spring is a busy season for Las Vegas video production, and the same goes for rental houses. The kiddos are in school, studying, or Tweeting, or whatever they do these days… And, mom and dad are jet-bound for various conferences across the country. One of the busiest conference and expo towns in America is right here: fabulous Las Vegas, NV. We here at F11 Rentals are all about teamwork and taking care of our clients. Such was the situation last week, when the boss happily volunteered his time after hours for a delivery to one of our dear friends turned clients on the UNLV campus. We kept our spirits high, and the gear even higher as we delivered on time (as far as we could tell) with smiles on our faces (to distract from the bags under our eyes). If you’re in need of the best video production rental gear in Las Vegas, look no further than your amigos here at F11 Rentals. Adios.