Cue the lights and music, draw back the curtains, and hang on to your seat… we have awesome new gear! The Benro MoveUp15 is a compact, versatile, easy-to-use jib that transports better than your favorite luggage. (And believe us, we know a thing or two about baggage… (we travel a lot).) The jib mounts easily on one of our larger tripods (Think Hercules), and holds one of our many 100mm ball heads. The MoveUp15 can handle up to 33 pounds of camera, and has a range of 75 to 109 inches. This jib will give you dope Hollywood moves, without the trouble of a full size jib and crew- how bout dat!? For your next Las Vegas video production, make sure to get the best video rental gear in Las Vegas, right here, at F11 Rentals.

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