Music Video TylaF11 -  Your Ultimate Music Video Studio in Las Vegas

F11 - Your Ultimate Music Video Studio in Las Vegas

The bright lights of Las Vegas aren't just for the Strip anymore. F11 Rentals has become the go-to filming location for some of the biggest names in music, transforming our versatile studio into a canvas for creativity.

A-List Music Videos Filmed at F11

We're thrilled to have recently hosted the following music video shoots at F11:

  • Tyla and Travis Scott's "Water":The studio's sleek, modern aesthetic provided the perfect backdrop for this high-energy track.
  • Debbie Gibson's "Love Don't Care":Debbie's vibrant personality and the studio's dynamic lighting capabilities combined to create a visually stunning video.

You can check out these amazing videos here:

Why F11 is Your Ideal Music Video Location

Music Video BTSF11 -  Your Ultimate Music Video Studio in Las Vegas

What sets F11 apart from other filming locations in Las Vegas?

  • Versatility: Our studio can be customized to fit any aesthetic, from gritty urban scenes to high-fashion sets.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We offer professional lighting, sound, and camera equipment, ensuring a top-quality production.
  • Experienced Crew: Our team has extensive experience in music video production and can provide expert guidance and support.
  • Prime Location: We're conveniently located in the heart of Las Vegas, close to all the amenities you need for your shoot.

Bring Your Music Video Vision to Life at F11

Whether you're an established artist or an up-and-coming talent, F11 Rentals is the perfect place to bring your music video to life. Our studio provides the space, tools, and expertise to help you create a video that will leave a lasting impression.

Ready to get started? Contact F11 Rentals today to book your music video shoot!

We can't wait to see what you create!

AngenieuxEZ 2 4 scaledElevate Your Indie Film Production with Top Lens Rentals from F11 Rentals

Elevate Your Indie Film Production with Top Lens Rentals from F11 Rentals

Independent filmmaking is an art that requires not just talent and vision but also the right tools. One of the most crucial choices for any filmmaker is the selection of lenses. They are the eyes of your project, capturing your story as you envision it. In Las Vegas, F11 Rentals stands out as the premier destination for procuring high-quality lenses that can bring your cinematic dreams to life. From the versatile Nisi Athena lenses to the renowned Angenieux EZ series and the versatile Sigma Cine zooms, F11 Rentals has got you covered.

AngenieuxEZ 2 5 scaled
Nisi Athena Prime Lenses

For those seeking to add a touch of cinematic magic to their films, the Nisi Athena lenses available at F11 Rentals are a perfect choice. Known for their exceptional clarity and color rendition, these lenses are ideal for filmmakers who demand the best in optical quality. The Athena series offers a range of focal lengths, ensuring versatility for various shooting scenarios, from intimate close-ups to expansive landscapes. Their robust build and user-friendly design make them suitable for both seasoned professionals and budding filmmakers alike.

NisiFullKit 2 scaledElevate Your Indie Film Production with Top Lens Rentals from F11 Rentals
Angenieux EZ Lens Series

The Angenieux EZ lens series is synonymous with top-tier filmmaking. These lenses are celebrated for their flexibility and superior performance. The EZ series, available at F11 Rentals, offers a modular design that can adapt to different sensor sizes, making them a smart choice for productions that might use multiple camera types. Their sharpness and contrast handling are unparalleled, providing a distinct cinematic look that can elevate any indie project. Whether you’re shooting a drama, documentary, or commercial, the Angenieux EZ lenses will not disappoint.

AngenieuxEZ 2 9 scaled
Sigma Cine Zooms

Sigma Cine zoom lenses are a testament to high-quality filmmaking at an accessible price point. F11 Rentals offers a range of Sigma Cine zooms known for their optical excellence and consistency across the zoom range. These lenses are a boon for indie filmmakers who need flexibility without compromising on quality. Their robust construction and smooth zoom mechanism make them ideal for dynamic shooting conditions. With Sigma Cine zooms, you can achieve breathtaking visuals without breaking your budget.

Sigma50 100mm 6 scaled

In the world of independent film production, the choice of lenses can make or break your project. At F11 Rentals in Las Vegas, we understand this. That’s why we offer a curated selection of lenses, including the Nisi Athena, Angenieux EZ, and Sigma Cine zooms, to help you realize your vision. With our gear, your story can be told exactly how you imagined it – with clarity, precision, and a touch of cinematic flair. Visit to explore our lens options and take your film to the next level.

SchoeppsBoom 2 scaledThe Best of Both Worlds: F11 Rentals Studio – Close to the Airport, Yet Quiet As A Whisper

The Best of Both Worlds: F11 Rentals Studio – Close to the Airport, Yet Quiet As A Whisper

An Sanctuary in the Hustle and Bustle

Location is everything when it comes to choosing the right studio for your project. The last thing you want is to be recording that crucial scene or taking that perfect shot only to have an airplane ruin the moment. That’s where F11 Rentals comes into play. Located strategically close to the airport yet away from flight paths, our studio is a sanctuary for creatives looking for a convenient yet quiet space to let their art come to life.

Flight Path

Convenient Access, Without the Noise

You’ve heard the horror stories: filmmakers and photographers alike rescheduling shoots because of external noise, wasting precious time and resources. At F11 Rentals, we guarantee that won’t be your story. While being near an airport generally brings to mind loud noises and interruptions, our unique location offers you the best of both worlds.

Need to catch a flight right after wrapping up your project? Or maybe your talent is flying in just for the shoot? Being close to the airport is incredibly convenient. And yet, our well-designed space and intelligent location keep the hustle and bustle at bay, ensuring that you have the tranquil atmosphere you need to focus on your work.

AngenieuxEZ 1 1 scaled

Not Your Average Studio

What makes us stand out from other studios in town isn’t just our location; it’s our commitment to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients. Our state-of-the-art facilities are meticulously maintained and equipped with the latest technology to meet all your production needs. Plus, our staff are well-trained professionals who are always ready to assist you in any way possible.

668AudioKit 4 scaled

High-Quality Acoustics

Our commitment to quality extends to the very walls that make up our studio. We’ve invested in the best acoustic treatments to ensure that the sound quality meets the high standards that professionals demand. Whether you’re recording audio or simply need a quiet place to shoot, we’ve got you covered. At F11 Rentals, you can let your creativity run wild without worrying about external noise seeping into your project.

Video Production Shoot


Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what some of our clients have to say:


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Las Vegas Film Studio

Ready to Experience the F11 Rentals Difference?

We invite you to come and experience the unique blend of convenience and tranquility that our studio has to offer. Book a tour with us and feel the F11 Rentals difference for yourself. Because at F11 Rentals, we believe that great art deserves the perfect backdrop — and that’s exactly what we aim to provide.

Contact us today to schedule your visit. We can’t wait to be a part of your next big project!

Green Screen For Rent

Las Vegas Film Studio: Your Vibrant Oasis in the Vegas Vortex!

Welcome to Las Vegas, the neon-lit wonderland of dreams, entertainment, and spectacle. But did you know that nestled amidst this effervescent metropolis exists a venue that pulsates with creativity, offering a truly dynamic space for your next event or production? Say hello to the F11 Rentals Production Studio – a Las Vegas event venue that spins an innovative, whimsical web of possibilities for your imagination to explore.

Las Vegas Green Screen Stage

Green Screen For Rent

At F11 Rentals, our ethos is simple: creativity thrives in an environment that encourages it. And we’re not just about corporate polish and rigidity. Oh no! Our studio screams FUN! We celebrate diversity, embrace the wacky, and adore the unconventional. We believe in transforming ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences, and regular events into moments of magic!

Green Room

F11 Rentals Green Room

Welcome to a world where your creative ideas are not just welcomed, they’re celebrated. Whether it’s a quirky photo or video shoot, a lively meeting, or even a groovy party, our space is designed to cater to your every whim.

Producer's Deck

F11 Rentals Las Vegas

Step into the F11 Rentals Production Studio, a place where the ordinary melts away to make room for the extraordinary. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, our studio combines a unique aesthetic with state-of-the-art technology to create an environment where your creativity can flourish. Our space is versatile, designed to adapt and cater to your unique needs, be it a quiet brainstorming session, a vibrant photo shoot, or a lively event. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Las Vegas White Cyc Stage

White Cyclorama

Get lost in our high ceilings, clean lines, and open floor space. They’re perfect for letting your ideas soar sky-high, while our state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems allow for a multitude of production possibilities. Bask in the warm, inviting ambiance that encourages people to come together, collaborate, and create.

Production Rentals In The Studio

Arri Light and Canon Camera Rental

At F11 Rentals, we firmly believe in the power of creativity and the magic of Las Vegas. We’ve blended these elements together to create an event venue that is as unique as the city it’s in. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be wrapped in an atmosphere that inspires and invigorates, a space where each corner has a story to tell.

So, why settle for the mundane when you can step into a world of unlimited creativity? The F11 Rentals Production Studio isn’t just a Las Vegas event venue. It’s a creative haven, a playground for ideas, and the ideal place to make your dreams come true.

Come join us. Let’s redefine boundaries, create unforgettable experiences, and celebrate the essence of Vegas in our vibrant, versatile studio space. Because here at F11 Rentals, we believe in painting outside the lines and dancing to our own tune.

Welcome to F11 Rentals. Welcome to creativity unleashed!

DV18 04 scaledNice Legs: The Top 5 Tripod Rentals in 2023 That Will Steady Your Shots and Spark Your Creativity!

Nice Legs: The Top 5 Tripod Rentals in 2023 That Will Steady Your Shots and Spark Your Creativity!

Hey there, fellow camera enthusiasts! If you’re looking to elevate your photography and videography game to new heights, it’s time to find the perfect set of legs to support your camera. Say goodbye to shaky shots and blurry moments, and say hello to the top five tripod rentals in 2023 that will keep you steady and smiling! At, we’re all about making your gear dreams come true, and these fantastic tripods are no exception. So, let’s dive into this fun and creative tripod adventure!

1. The Sachtler 18 – The Smooth Operator:

Picture this: you’re capturing a breathtaking sunset over the horizon, and you need a tripod that matches the elegance of the moment. Enter the Sachtler 18! With its ultra-smooth fluid head, this beauty lets you pan and tilt with graceful ease. Your footage will look as if it’s gliding on air! Whether you’re filming a romantic wedding or a captivating documentary, the Sachtler 18 has got your back (and your camera’s!).

DV18 02 scaledSachtler DV 18

2. The Sachtler 12 with Flotech – Feather-Light Flexibility:

Sometimes, you need to move swiftly between shots without compromising stability. Fear not, for the Sachtler 12 with Flotech is here to save the day! This tripod is like the nimble acrobat of the bunch, combining sturdy support with feather-light portability. Don’t let its compact size fool you; it can handle heavy-duty cameras like a champ. It’s the perfect companion for your on-the-go adventures, making sure you never miss that golden moment.

DV15 3 scaledSachtler DV 15

3. Manfrotto Monopod – Embrace the Freedom:

Alright, let’s switch things up a bit! Not all tripod experiences need to be a three-legged affair. Sometimes, a little bit of independence can go a long way, and that’s where the Manfrotto Monopod steals the spotlight! This trendy and versatile monopod allows you to break free from the conventional tripod setup while maintaining excellent stability. Imagine yourself roaming through a bustling city, capturing candid moments with effortless ease. The Manfrotto Monopod is your stylish partner in crime!

4. The Sachtler Ace – Your Reliable Sidekick:

In a world where gear is your best friend, the Sachtler Ace proves to be the most loyal sidekick you could ask for! Dependable and rock-solid, this tripod will never let you down, no matter the shooting conditions. It’s the perfect companion for your everyday adventures, allowing you to focus on your creative vision without worrying about stability. With the Sachtler Ace, you’ll be ready to tackle any project with enthusiasm and confidence!

ACE 5 scaledSachtler ACE XL

5. The Sachtler 25 with 150mm Bowl – The Heavy-Duty Titan:

Now, for those heavy-duty projects that demand nothing but the best, the Sachtler 25 with 150mm Bowl takes center stage. This mighty tripod can handle the weight of professional cinema cameras and heavy lenses without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re shooting an epic action sequence or a grand cinematic masterpiece, the Sachtler 25 will keep your shots rock-steady, leaving you in awe of its sheer power and stability.

DV25 10 scaled

Well, there you have it, folks – the top five tripod rentals of 2023 that combine the magic of creativity with the reliability of professional gear. Remember, at F11 Rentals, we believe that every shot is an opportunity to tell a story, and these tripods will be your trusty companions on that thrilling journey. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity, capture those perfect shots, and let these “nice legs” take your videography and photography to new heights! Happy shooting!

0B6C178C 7F71 46FB 8B92 46077C6B09BF scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Unleashing Aputure Magic: Illuminate Your Creativity with F11 Rentals!

Greetings, Nighttime Enthusiasts and Creative Dreamers!

Are you tired of mundane corporate lighting, desperately craving a vibrant splash of magic for your next project? Look no further, for the wizardry of Aputure lighting has descended upon F11 Rentals, and we’re here to cast a spell on your visual endeavors!

Enter the Aputure 1200D – The Lighthouse of Brilliance

Picture this: a lighthouse guiding lost ships to safety. Well, the Aputure 1200D works in a similar fashion, except it’s destined to lead your artistic vision towards greatness! This beacon of brilliance is a game-changer with its formidable power, illuminating even the darkest corners of your creativity.

B8AC412C 3EDC 43CD 82D6 FEEB65AABFC1 scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

The Aputure 600X – The Chameleon of Lights

Why settle for a single hue when you can have a full spectrum of colors to play with? The Aputure 600X is the chameleon of lights, adapting to your every mood and scene. Whether you’re crafting an electrifying dance floor or a dreamy sunset ambiance, this versatile gem will dazzle your senses.

C0C5E2CA B1A2 4860 8DFE 13DF93DF44D0 scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Dance with the Aputure 600C – The Colorful Partner-in-Crime

In the spirit of dance partners, the Aputure 600C joins the ballroom, twirling gracefully with the 600X’s vibrant beats. Its focus on color accuracy ensures you’ll witness a kaleidoscope of vivid shades, elevating your visuals to an otherworldly level!

FC82442D 8BB1 4935 8AE4 6EFAA1A740F5 scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Let There Be Magic – Aputure Light Modifiers

Lights are enchanting, but with a touch of magic from light modifiers, the true spectacle unfolds. At F11 Rentals, we’ve got an enchanting array of light modifiers to cater to your every artistic whim. Softboxes, beauty dishes, diffusers – you name it, we’ve got it! Unleash your creativity and sculpt the perfect atmosphere for your masterpiece.

24B81FCB FACC 4B1C 8C6B B20B92A08624 scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Sneak Peek: More Aputure Magic Yet to Come!

Ah, the thrill of anticipation! While we’re already basking in the brilliance of Aputure’s current lineup, we have some exciting news to share. Brace yourselves, dear adventurers; there are whispers of new lights on the horizon. We’re sworn to secrecy for now, but rest assured, they’ll be nothing short of pure enchantment!

CCCFF9C2 977D 43EE 8AFF FBD63CA308E9 scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Illuminate Your Dreams with F11 Rentals

You might be wondering, “Where can I find these wondrous lights and let my creativity roam free?” The answer lies within the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas – F11 Rentals! We take pride in being the go-to destination for Aputure lighting rentals, offering a treasure trove of possibilities to light up your projects.

Come, wander through our magical aisles, and let our team of mystical experts guide you on your journey to illuminate your visions. We’re not your typical corporate crowd; we’re the fun-loving, creative magicians who want to see your projects shine like never before!

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the magic of Aputure lighting rentals at F11 Rentals in Las Vegas, where every frame is a canvas of dreams!

F11 Rentals: Where Illumination Meets Imagination.

ArriAlexaMini 8 scaledLights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Lights, Camera, Action: The Top 5 Camera Rentals in 2023

Bonjour fellow film enthusiasts, photo fanatics, and everyone in between! We’re here to guide you through the enchanting world of cinematic wonder. Welcome to a tantalizing tour of our top 5 rental cameras of 2023 here at

1. The Sony FX9 – The CineMaster

Starting off our countdown with a bang, the Sony FX9 takes the cake. This little titan packs a punch in terms of versatility, dynamic range, and color science. Oh, and did we mention it has 6K Full-Frame sensor? That’s right, six-ka-pow! Flexibility and resolution coalesce in this beautiful piece of tech, making your footage look like Mona Lisa’s secret cinematographic portfolio. FX9, ladies and gentlemen, is a beast you can tame with just a ‘click’!

SonyFX9 2 scaled

2. Arri Alexa Mini – The Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

Whoever said ‘size matters’ had clearly never seen the Arri Alexa Mini. This petite yet powerful camera is the David in a world of Goliaths, proving that sometimes less really is more. Housing an impeccable colorimetry and a robust build, it’s no wonder that this gem is a darling in the world of camera rentals. Alexa Mini doesn’t just whisper quality, it sings it in full soprano!

ArriAlexaMini 2 scaledArri Alexa Mini

3. Canon C300 MKIII – The Quiet Achiever

Halfway through the list and Canon makes its grand entrance. Unassuming yet highly capable, the C300 MKIII is like the indie film that quietly sweeps the award season. Its Super 35mm 4K sensor provides images so crisp you’d swear you could step into the scene. And with the added bonus of Canon’s signature color science, the C300 MKIII isn’t just part of the race, it’s a marathon runner on steroids!

CanonC300MKIII 6 scaled

4. Canon C70 – The Bold and the Beautiful

Meet Canon’s rockstar, the C70. This camera for rental has it all: killer looks, rock-solid performance, and a flair for the dramatic. With its RF mount and Dual Gain Output sensor, it delivers stunning 4K imagery with a dynamic range to die for. Whether you’re shooting a drama or a documentary, the C70 will get you the Oscar-nod shots that make audiences gasp. The C70 is not just a camera, it’s the reincarnation of Picasso with a digital heart.

CanonC70 1 scaled

5. Sony FS7 – The Timeless Classic

No list of top camera rentals would be complete without the venerable Sony FS7. Like the Beatles of the camera world, the FS7 just never goes out of style. Its powerful Super 35 sensor and ergonomic design have won over the hearts of videographers everywhere. It’s reliable, it’s versatile, and it’s just so darn good at what it does. The FS7 is the silent sage that whispers, “In a world of TikToks and Reels, let’s create a masterpiece”.

So there you have it – our lineup of the top 5 camera rentals of 2023! Remember, with great power (and great cameras) comes great responsibility. But don’t fret! We at are here to help you navigate this wondrous journey from ‘action’ to ‘cut’. So go ahead, rent a camera, make some magic, and let the world marvel at your masterpiece.

SonyFS7 1 scaled

R0000284 scaledIlluminating Your Vision: Leverage F11 Rentals' Professional Photography Lighting and Studio in Las Vegas

Illuminating Your Vision: Leverage F11 Rentals' Professional Photography Lighting and Studio in Las Vegas

Photography is a captivating art form, encapsulating moments in time, telling stories, and inspiring emotion. It’s more than just pointing a camera and pressing a button; it’s an intricate blend of perspective, composition, and most importantly, light. In the dazzling city of Las Vegas, your best partner in lighting up your professional photography journey is none other than F11 Rentals.

Comprehensive Photography Lighting Equipment

At F11 Rentals, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of high-quality, professional-grade photography lighting equipment. Our collection ranges from powerful strobes for still photography, to softboxes for charming portraits, LED panels for videography, and high-speed flashes for dynamic shoots. Whether you’re shooting outdoors in the vibrant Las Vegas backdrop or within a controlled environment, our equipment caters to all your needs.

F11 Rentals’ Professional Studio

Adding to our robust suite of offerings is our fully-equipped, professional-grade studio, ready for your creative exploration. A controlled environment like our studio opens up endless possibilities, allowing you to manipulate the lighting, background, and other elements without external disturbances.

Our studio is perfect for photographers seeking to create dreamy portraits, captivating product photography, or even high-quality video productions. It comes prepped with top-notch lighting equipment, but should you require additional or specific lighting tools, our inventory is at your disposal.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our arsenal includes gear from industry-leading brands such as Profoto, ARRI, Kino Flo, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a newcomer to the field, our team at F11 Rentals is here to guide you to the most suitable lighting equipment to meet your unique creative needs.

Flexible Rental Options

F11 Rentals provides the flexibility of renting our professional photography lighting equipment and studio for a few hours, a day, or even several weeks. We work closely with you to ensure you have the gear and studio time you need when you need it.

Convenient Pickup or Delivery

Situated conveniently in Las Vegas, F11 Rentals offers easy pickup options. But if you’re on a tight schedule, we’re more than happy to deliver your selected gear right to your shoot location. We strive to make your photography lighting rental experience as effortless as possible.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Unsure about the right lighting equipment for your project? Need guidance on setting up in our studio? Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are readily available to assist. We’re committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support at all times.


F11 Rentals is your premier destination for professional photography lighting rentals and studio space in Las Vegas. With our wide selection of top-tier lighting equipment, versatile rental options, professional studio, and superior customer support, we ensure your photoshoot is perfectly lit, leaving you to focus on creating mesmerizing images. Ignite your artistic vision with F11 Rentals today.

Bolt 4K LT scaledDependable wireless 4K video with Teradek 750 and 1500!

Dependable wireless 4K video with Teradek 750 and 1500!

We saw the need to improve and bolster our wireless video capabilities, and what better way that with the Teradek 4K 750 LT and Teradek 4K 1500 LT! The strength of signal is much improved upon from the Teradek 500, especially with the inclusion of multiple antennas on both units. As the name suggests, these units are capable of 4K signal transfer via HDMI and 1080 via SDI. Teradek has made their units capable of mix-and-match along with increasing the number of receivers per transmitter to six! There are a myriad of other cool features we can talk about, but we suggest getting your hands on a set and testing it out for yourself! For your next Las Vegas camera rental or Las Vegas video production, make sure to reach out to us here at F11 Rentals for all of your gear and studio needs!

300 1Aputure LS 300x Lamp Head

Aputure lights up Vegas!

We recently invested in some amazing light from Aputure, and  we are thrilled! We purchased some Aputure LS 600X light for both our motorized lighting truss in our studio, as well as a few to rent out. With those, we added some F10 Fresnels along with barn doors for added lighting control. We also have Aputure LS 300X lights with a few extra items such as lanterns, lenses, etc. These LEDs offer a really dynamic and versatile light source that is low draw, easy to use, and really pushes your creative boundries. Make sure to add some to your next Las Vegas video production!