We all know that there is so much that goes into putting on a great meeting, convention, etc. Regardless of size, there are a few things you can do to really make your event stand out. Besides the obvious of having a good venue, great content, and making sure your attendees take away as much as they can… what about remembering and capturing those priceless and usually impromptu moments/gems? Capturing a killer keynote, celebrity appearance, dynamic break-out sessions, and attendee reactions all go in to making a great video that can accomplish just that. You never know what amazing ideas will sprout from a small, hour long panel discussion or afternoon team-building exercise. Having the right gear and right team to capture those moments can be priceless; and we here at F11 Rentals are happy to provide Las Vegas, Nevada and Long Beach, California with the best gear and crews to make your convention really stand out.

F11 Rentals is a Las Vegas video production rental gear company. F11 Rentals now serves as a Long Beach video production rental gear company.