As summer rolls along, we inevitably move closer and closer to Las Vegas’ “second busy season”. While the autumn months don’t quite match the depth and breadth of the “marathon” of conventions, trade shows, and general production from CES in January till the end of May, autumn will no doubt see production volume increase. From the end of August when the kiddos go back to school, up until mid-November, a number of conventions, trade shows, etc, such as the always fun SEMA, will descend upon Sin City.

Make sure that you step on set with all the best production gear. Whether you need the beautiful 4K imagery of the Canon C300 Mark II, the unmatched audio clarity provided by the Schoeps CMIT 5U shotgun microphone, or the silky smooth moves that only DJI’s Ronin-S and Ronin 2 can provide- we’ve got you. And, before you start looking in your sticky cupholder or under your couch cushions for all the cash you can scratch up, remember that we have great prices! Not only is our gear of the highest quality, but it’s also priced competitively- we’re not here to break the bank, or your spirits.

Make sure to send us an email, or give us a call, and schedule today!