We’ve upgraded our on-board monitor selection to include the SmallHD 702 Bright. This amazing 7-inch on-camera monitor is great indoors, and amazing out-doors. This monitor is very bright, 1000 cd/m² bright! It’s also crisp like a potato chip, 1000:1 contrast ratio with a Full HD 1080 display! (One you pop, you can’t stop.) The battery situation is amazing too! Instead of having to choose between Sony, L-Series, and Canon LP-E6 batteries, you can use both! We did get an adapter that uses the LP-E6 slot to D-tap though, as these monitors require a bit more juice than the DP7. You can of course use SDI or HDMI, there’s a headphone jack, and it’s light weight, so, you’re in good hands with this monitor!