It’s finally happened! No, I haven’t been accepted into Clown College… yet. We received our DJI Ronin 2! This thing is super neat, let me tell you something, it’s like, having your cake and eating it too. Delicious and fattening. This thing is a game changer, it’s smarter and more efficient than the original, and it looks cool to boot. We even have the Ready Rig GS stabilizer and ProArm kit! If you can’t pull some shawty’s number wearing the Ready Rig, there’s no helping you. The Ronin 2 combines the same precision as the Ronin 1, but adds more security and reliability with maintaining balance, a more powerful motor to allow you to push your shot further and faster than ever before. Basically, they took the Ronin, burned the original designs, and created something that is so much more exceptional. This can all be yours, and turn your Las Vegas video production to the next level. Reach out to day for your quote.