Just a quick little promotion for a needed habit. Since taking over here at F11 Rentals, I cannot stress enough the importance of labeling gear. It is so easy to not only lose gear, but get it mixed in with other packages or crews’ gear. There are times when our gear goes out to supplement a large, multi-camera shoot that was short a camera or two, leaving our gear to mingle with strangers. We greatly value our clients, and the vast majority of the time everything comes back in great shape; however, accidents and mistakes do happen. We have some great friends here in Las Vegas who have compatible equipment, and it’s easy to have an important cord, plate, battery, or card go home with the wrong team. With the obvious common sense included, I don’t think there is too much labeling that can be done, and don’t be scared to double up. So long as you’re not inhibiting any of the gear’s functions, label away!