Our favorite rebel rouser, Frank LaSpina, (aka LeFrancis) has stepped down as Director of Operations here at F11 Rentals to pursue a bright and sunny opportunity beyond these hallowed halls. While he will be greatly missed, we will persevere and carry on with full hearts and heads held high. Operations will continue as normal, and you may still contact us through the normal avenues, i.e. email us at rentals@f11rentals.com, give us a ring at (702) 703-5400, or send us some good vibes through the power of telekinesis (no guarantees there).

My name is James Moore, I was the one behind the camera for all of Frank’s wonderful video appearances, and I will be the new Director of Operations here at F11 Rentals. I can’t promise I have the same, wonderful, flowing hair as Frank, nor the winning smile, but, I will do my best to offer the same, top-caliber service you’ve come to expect from us.

As a tribute to Frank, here are some nice photos to remember him by.