LED stack

F11 Rentals Stacks Some Lights! #lasvegasvideoproducton #productionlife

I’m going to be honest, I’m not really sure what day it is. We here at F11 Rentals have been so busy, we’ve lost all sense of time and space. I myself have gone as far as considering tattooing my name, phone number, and address on my forearm just to be safe. Either way, we’re having a blast getting all our gear into the hands of eager and talented film makers. Just the other day, we sent out a couple of our 1×1 LED Light Panel kits, and received a cool photo of them being stacked (which is one of there cool features). These panel lights are light weight, powerful, and feature a 3200-5600 temp. spectrum. Make sure to schedule a couple for your upcoming Las Vegas video production rental, as they’re so versatile and valuable.

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