F11 Rentals sent some LED light panels, a SoundDevices 664 audio mixer, and a Canon C300 Mark I over to MINExpo International 2016 to be among all the latest and greatest in the world of mining. Mining, as you know, provides the world with various resources such as coal, salt, gold, nickle, diamonds, and so, so much more. It’s up to the fine men and women of the mining industry to figure out the quickest, safest, and most cost effective way to extract these resources while still protecting the environment (hopefully) as much as they can. F11 Rentals sends it’s gear and services to dozens and dozens of conferences and expos each year, and this one certainly didn’t fail in the ‘wow’ factor with it’s larger-than-life machines, amazing technology, and gosh-o-golly, gigantic tires! It’s a busy time of year, so we need to get back to the gear room and prep for our next Las Vegas video production rental gear order. See ya’ real soon.