Here at F11 Rentals, we strive to be the best choice for Las Vegas video equipment rentals; but we don’t stop at video production, we can help with many scenarios. Perhaps your project is computer based, whether for video editing, graphics creation, or media/event management, we have equipment that can help. We also love photographers! Photography is where it all started, we couldn’t shoot 23.98 frames per second, if we couldn’t get one single image to start with. We offer three great photography cameras, our Canon 5D Mark II, our exciting and versatile Sony a7S, which has an impressive ISO range, and little-known fact, our RED Epic Dragon can be used to take amazing still images. With all these cameras, we have multiple L-series lenses from the Canon EF line, macro lenses, and a great selection of Rokinon prime lenses. F11 also offers a flash for our Canon 5D, perfect for that wedding, party, or corporate event. Need a backdrop? We have white, grey, black, or chroma green in various materials. So, there you go, call us and let us know what your next photo shoot is, and how we can help.

 Courtesy of google images. Courtesy of google images.