We all know it’s hot ’round these here parts- it’s the desert southwest. Phoenix, Palm Springs, Yuma, Las Vegas… all, very hot; I mean, just an hour away is a place called Death Valley. This last week however, has been especially tremendous, as we were offered a piece of Las Vegas history when we tied a daily high of 117℉. So, what do we here at F11 Rentals do when it gets so hot- well, we keep working, preferably either in the back of our grip van (doors closed to reduce ventilation) or directly in the sun shine. Our mantra is, if you’re going to do something, do it all the way, that’s why we happily sent one of our awesome Canon C300 Mark II‘s over to the amazing pool at Caesars Palace. Now, before you get all critical and finger point-y, we were totally over dressed, and didn’t even sample the refreshing beverages. We did snap a photo of the fun, just to document the occasion. So, if you’d like to get out and enjoy some video production work in this scorching heat, give F11 Rentals a shout, and we’ll get you set up with the best Las Vegas video production rental gear available.