In the world of video production, especially corporate video production, adaptability, flexibility, and last-minute changes are the de facto modus operandi. If you aren’t able to keep pace with the light-speed corporate world, you’ll be left high and dry, and with a subpar product. One tricky scenario is when you get relocated from a spacious and beautifully appointed hotel suite to one of the standard rooms. While the standard room at resorts such as Encore, Palazzo, and Aria are beautiful and nicely decorated, they can leave your crew a little short on space. Dread not, in such situations, because, with a little tact and creativity, you can produce a great product. We recommend our Dracast LEDs, the output is great, and they’re dial-in on temperature and intensity; and, they’re compact, light weight, and run on v-mount batteries. We also recommend our Roadrags diffusion kit, that comes with collapsable solid, silk, double, and single diffusion frames. If the preferred two camera setup won’t fit in the room, or your budget, we recommend the Canon C300 MKII, recording at 4K, allowing you to punch in for a second framing in post.

All in all, there are a myriad of ways you can create a great looking corporate interview even in tight spaces. If you’re in such a precarious position, give us a shout, and we’ll get your Las Vegas video production rental gear right to you and ready to go.