Camera bag for the Canon C300

With our new camera in hand we wanted to find the right case to transport it. For our day to day shoot we opted for the Cinebags camera daddy. The bag holds comfortably the camera body and 4 lenses and accesories. We considered the Pelican 1660 case, I loved the build quality and protection it offered but we would have needed another case just for lenses. I’m sure we will pickup one of these cases for when we travel.


  1. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Camera bag for the Canon C300 | FiveSix Production Blog, thanks for the good read!

    1. Dear Mr. Video What is the lavalier mic you are using in this video? Where could I pucarhse one? Do you need a long cord to go from the camera /tripod to where you are sitting? Also do you know of any VA’s (virtual assistants) who transfer video to your website etc.? I have a bunch of TV shows I did that I want to put in my resource area of my website

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