Whatever baboon writes most of the blogs over at FiveSix Productions is a real baboon… Wait. Whoever writes the blogs over at FiveSix Productions is a real clown. Those blog posts are not nearly as eloquent, sophisticated, intelligent, and handsome with rippling muscles as the ones are over at F11 Rentals. *BURN!* So, they posted about a stupid picture of stars, or something childish. Well, I’ll do ya’ one better. This here photo is the current world record of distance landscape photography. This single-exposure photograph was taken from the Pyrenees Mountains along the boarders of France, Spain, and Andorra, of the French Alps near Italy and Switzerland. Yes… this photo was taken all the way across the southern part of France. The furthest discernible peak is a staggering 443 kilometers away, for us Imperialist Americans, that’s 275.267 miles. That’s the same as standing on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and taking a photograph of the Hollywood Hills! You’re chilling in Las Vegas, Nevada, taking a photograph of Los Angeles, California! For our East Coast friends, it’s like standing in Providence, Rhode Island (watch for mafia dudes!) and snapping a photo of ol Billy Penn atop Philadelphia City Hall! Now, I’m not one for so much math and numbers, I leave that to the smarties; so, go to the webpage that chronicles the spectacular achievement here. Go right meow! And, if you’re in the mood to give it a try, all you need to do is come to your favorite Las Vegas video production rental company… not VER… us! Jeez. F11 Rentals, and get our Canon 5D Mark II, or RED Epic Dragon if you ball out, and our 100-400mm lens with two doublers, and get to work.