1. You’re and idiot. Please don’t try and represent yourself as a sound person because you clearly are not. And maybe learn the terms for the equipment instead of trying to use gross misogynistic terms. And cool harness bro. You jackass.

  2. OK. I understand the mean comments below, and I even found my brain wanting to say something similar, but my heart will not allow that. I am a teacher at heart. I fell into this business because i have a gift for the technical, I am physically fit, I have a mathematical mind, I have great attention to detail without taking a lot of time to do it and obsessing, I have excellent discerning hearing (I have been told I have the ears of a bat), and I can work with almost anyone. Those 6 qualities are things that can be instrumental in making a great sound person.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm. I do… However, your video is beyond reaching. I ask this next question seriously, and not as a slight: Have you ever done sound on a set?

    "Now, in the standard, run and gun, works the most audio kit, you’re gonna find…(:18)" Wind muff (1:01)? Really? I literally have never heard of it referred to as such.

    I’d be curious to know what your rental rate on the 302 package you showed would be. Could you please reply with the rental rates for that package? Daily and weekly? Including shotgun/boom and softie. Also, what headphones are provided with the package? Do you always provide the 7506s as shown in the video?

    I see you are from a camera rental house. I understand that you have quite possibly put together more sound packages in your time there, than I have in 18 years of broadcast production sound experience, but that’s not the point when it comes to doing sound. Here are some key thoughts on how to be successful doing sound: 1) Own the appropriate gear for the niche you are in (or want to be in). 2) Know your gear- it’s capabilities and it’s limitations. 3) Always have as much back-up as possible 4) Seek only jobs you are capable of performing for the appropriate rate. 5) Never rent from a rental house, if possible. Always rent from a colleague when possible — build and support your own personal business network (and therefore industry) through colleagues and actual networking .

    I have owned a long line of Sound Devices gear over the past decade, and the 302 is my absolute least favorite. Not the least of reasons being is that you can only adjust the line/mic output level in the menu, and the menu is a complete drag. God forbid you lose the little cheat sheet (I hope you know exactly what I mean). My 302 hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year, and even then, it was with my intern. G3s? Nope. Sorry, but inadequate. Cheap gear for cheap gigs. We need quality, options and redundancy. With that, we can do much. Not reaching high if it’s a gig for which you actually need a boom. I feel naked without my boom…I don’t ever not have it.

    Please. Stick to cameras, and don’t provide audio gear. Providing camera guys with this crappy audio package makes them think they don’t need a sound person…and they do…if they want to focus on the picture and also want good sound. Have some respect for the actual business and stop pimping basic crappy packages to camera guys so they ‘don’t need sound’. That is disrespectful and damaging all around, and for what? So you can make a couple of hundred bucks a week? Please, again, just stop.

    You don’t know what you don’t know, and it’s not about fake enthusiasm and bean counting for actual sound professionals in the field. This business is no joke and you’re missing the mark.

    "There’s nothing lower than audio in this life…(1:44)"…thanks, but I beg to differ.

    1. HS – Thanks for your well thought out reply.

      The videos were produced to start a discussion and in that regards they hit the mark. They are a satire of what we see on set. DP forgets to roll… He asks for another take because of an audio hit. Audio gets the blame. We are mocking the fact that audio get blamed for way more on set than they deserve.

      Thanks for your interest in the rental rates. The audio kits are add-ons for people renting cameras. A 302 kit as outfitted in the video would run $150-$200 depending on mic selection. All kits start with 2 wireless kits as well as a boom, we can add on from there. Again we offer these with our camera packages because we believe no one should be shooting without a dedicated sound tech and mixer.

      The 302 does have a cheat sheet for the menu. You are correct that it is a must have. There is no other way to run thru the menu.

      I respectfully disagree that this is a crappy package. For corporate interviews, red carpets, convention shoots it is the kit that we see 90% of the time out in the field. The 302 is a very clean mixer and the g3s work great in those situations. Add our sanken mics and the Schoeps boom and it sounds even better.

      Now if your needing more channels or external recoding the 302 isn’t the way to go. You should have a 664. We rent those as well.

  3. 302… menu cheat sheet? WTF was that guy talking about in the comments down there. God listening to sound pros comment on the web often times makes me want to poke my eyes out with my knockoff 416 (I’m still upset about that). Oy Vey. This video was very entertaining. Maybe you should be in front of the camera (with a little polishing of course).

  4. Why, why, why, do people keep trying to dumb down audio? People will watch a movie or tv program with crappy video, but they will not watch a movie or video with bad sound. PLEASE everyone stop these videos that try to teach sound in ten minutes. It’s not as simple as just plug the mic in… when will you people get it??? Professional sound mixers spend decades honing their craft. The professional sound mixer has multiple tools in their kit they use depending on the situation. This video does nothing but propetuate the "sound is easy" stereotype and does nothing to actually educate. BTW, outside of live news and sit down interviews the 302 is basically dead now that the 633 is out there.

  5. @Jerry You bought a knock off 416, maybe you should listen to the sound pros more often. We (sound pros) know how to spot knockoffs like that. I worked a live event at a university venue today that had a mix of professionals and student helpers. One of the first things I heard from a students mouth talking to his classmates was "Ears open, mouth shut." Maybe you could learn from that.

  6. @Jerry Yes, you hit a nerve and ticked me off. I forgot to mention, if you don’t know what a 302 "Cheat sheet" is, then you really need to hire a sound mixer. The menu on the 302, 442, and 552 is all based on the meter display of the mixer, no fancy LCD that shows what you are changing. Every light on the meter shows changes as you go through the menu. Sound guys know this, however without a chart the rare changes get forgotten in our memory as to what is what. A chart is included with every mixer, but rental gear never includes this chart. Where was that in this video?

  7. This video was needlesly disrespectful and misleading as to the ease of Sound Recording for Professional Purposes. I concur with all the comments that claim this video devalues the science and craft of recording quality audio.

  8. Like the man says, "lighten up, Francis."

    All the haters on this thread need to grow a sense of humor (and probably a couple of other things).
    I know and have worked with Frank on countless jobs. He’s dedicated, a consummate pro and a pleasure to work with. As a director, the last person I want on set is someone without a sense of humor.
    I guess that leaves you all out.

  9. @f11 thank YOU for your reply as well. Do you charge $150-$200 per day, every day it’s working (minus travel days, if any)? I’m surprised you’re able to get that rate for that package, quite honestly, and am thinking that’s your ‘book rate’?

    Ahem…@Jerry…I’m I gal, not a guy…typical, and WTF on your WTF? See? You don’t know what you don’t know! Cheat sheet–yep. Don’t leave home without it or you could be super screwed. You’ll learn these things the hard way, though, I figure. @Bill, I actually have a great sense of humor, but being sound, it’s a constant uphill battle fighting for every tiny scrap of respect on set, and rates commensurate with the service you are actually providing. I appreciate that you think we need to lighten up, but at the same time, this is not a helpful video. Only true pros might get that it’s meant to be facetious, and I did, but as a true pro I didn’t appreciate it. People trying to break in, or new camera guys too broke or cheap to hire sound, who don’t know any better might actually take something like this seriously! They don’t know what they don’t know, and if they haven’t actually been on many sets/red carpets/whatever, this could easily be misunderstood. I’m entitled to my opinion, as are you, but if you’re a director, and have never actually been a sound person, then you really have no clue where this strong reaction is coming from. We have to grow thick skins and become inured to the pervasive lack of general respect for sound, but tongue in cheek videos by camera rental houses, that poke fun at/make light of the sound department is just insensitive. There are definitely lower forms of life…that joke/comment/whatever was absolutely unnecessary. And while I"m at it, what do you have to pay for on airlines? Yep…headphones. You can watch all you want, but as far as the airline is concerned, you’re not getting the programming unless you can HEAR it. My good sound will SAVE any DP or directors bad footage. ’nuff said. I’m out.

    1. @HS Those rates are the going rates. An audio op with gear goes out for $550 the freelance audio charge between $350 and $400 for the day. These are corporate interview, red carpet, or convention shoots.

      This is a very solid package and for $150 to get 2 wireless kits, a nice boom and mixer. It’s a great deal.

      Some folks knock the senheisers G3s but at the end of the day for these shoots you will have no problem. Also, our experience is that wireless mic kits rent for $50/day. It doesn’t matter if they are G3 kits or Lectros. That being the case we will invest in G3s every day of the week.

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