We here at F11 Rentals have a wonderful relationship with the audio department- despite what some angry, lost, and confused souls may think (camera department- looking your way). We take audio seriously, and understand what an intricate art it is, and as such, we love finding great new audio tools, and recommending our tried and true ones as well. One such tool is a handheld microphone that is absolutely the “bees knees”; the Sennheiser MD 46 handheld stick microphone- definitely one of our favorites. The aspect we love so much about this particular mic is it’s cleanliness even in the loudest of conditions. This is a mic you can give a reporter during a concert, sporting match, bad weather, or whatever other loud, ruckus event you can find your way to. So, there you have it, one of our favorite pieces of audio gear– get yourself one, or, better yet, call us here at F11 Rentals, because we know we’re your favorite Las Vegas production gear rental house.