F11 Rentals exists joyfully in a state of “Thunderdome”- what does that mean? Let me explain. There are no rules, there are no guidelines, and we have been known to share our packages with ANYONE willing to pay. All that being said, we still have some pretty high standards, and want to be the best at… whatever it is that we’re doing. Recently, we got to flex our Thunderdome-muscle and send a huge grip and electric package out for some fun with the NBA summer league. Our Cineo HS2‘s worked seamlessly with our Arri Tungsten lights and even some lekos for good measure. I’m not going to waste your time with how amazing our Kino 4-banks and Divas were… I think you already know. Oh, and, if you’re worried about all that gorgeous 3200K light spilling all over the set, don’t worry, we’ve got flags, and floppies, and frames, and all that good stuff… unless, you want the chaos!