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The 664 Six-Channel Portable Production Mixer with Integrated Recorder from Sound Devices has an unprecedented amount of functionality from a unit that can be battery operated. It starts with a low-noise, transformerless preamplifier section, continues to an intuitive mixing surface, adds a host of digitally-controlled routing features, allows room for analog inserts and aux busses, and finally terminates with versatile, plentiful output connectivity. By the way, the 664 can be configured to record digital audio to CompactFlash or an SD Card from any point in that signal flow.

The Sound Devices 664 has an input board that features six balanced XLR connections. Within the firmware, they can be selected to accept microphone or line level signals. Additionally, inputs 1 and 6 can configured to accept AES digital signals. Each channel has a direct output on an independent TA3 connector. There is also an input for a slate microphone, if you don’t wish to use the 664’s internal slate mic. Two headphone outputs are also provided.

The physical mixing surface of the 664 has the basic features you’d expect, such as trim pots, panning and level knobs. But it also has more advanced features, like sweepable high-pass filters and pre-fader listen switches on each channel.

The 664 has very flexible routing options within its LCD-based menu. When a channel’s pre-fader listen switch is pushed to the right, it brings up that channel’s menu options. Input level, pre/post track routing, aux buss routing, mix routing and polarity can all be adjusted. Channels can be paired in left/ride or mid/side modes. Phantom power can also be engaged at either 48V or 12V.

The Sound Devices 664 has many output options, from its balanced XLR main outputs to the unbalanced 1/8″ stereo tape output. It can even send and receive word clock and timecode signals. Two Aux outputs on TA3 connectors allow custom track groups to be routed to external devices. The outputs can even be set to send AES digital signals of each buss and channel.

The 664 has an integrated recording system that tracks WAV files at up to 24-bit/48.048kHz resolution to CompactFlash or SD cards. The whole device can be powered by five AA batteries or an optional DC adapter.

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Sound Devices 664 Audio Mixer

Package Includes:

  • Sound Devices 664 Mixer
  • Porta Brace Carrying Case
  • 3 Lavalier Mics
  • Time Code
  • Boom Mic
  • (1) 25' & (1) 50' XLR cable


Additional information

6 x XLR balanced – Mic/Line
1 x TA3 – Slate Mic In

AES Digital Audio Inputs

XLR inputs 1 and 6 can accept AES3 or AES42 signals (10V power), SRC


1 x 1/8" TRS stereo input – Return B


2 x XLR balanced – Master Outs L/R (Can also send AES3 digital signals)
2 x TA3 balanced – X1 and X2 (Line, -10, or Mic)
2 x TA3 balanced – Balanced Outs (Line, -10, or Mic level)
6 x TA3 balanced – Direct Outs

Other Connectors

2 x 10-pin connector
Each has a pair of transformer-isolated outputs and a stereo unbalanced Return input. Output levels are selectable between Line, -10, and Mic

Headphone Outputs

1 x 1/4" TRS stereo
1 x 1/8" TRS stereo mini

COM Ports

1 x TA3 – COM Send
1 x TA3 – COM Return

Word Clock I/O

1 x 5-pin LEMO connector – Timecode I/O
1 x BNC – Word Clock In
1 x BNC – Word Clock Out

Stereo Tape Outputs/Type

1 x TA3 stereo unbalanced tape level output
1 x 1/8" TRS stereo unbalanced tape level output

Compact Flash Slot

Compatible with Type I and Type II cards; high-speed UDMA cards are recommended for higher track count recording

SD Card Slot

Accepts SD / SDHC / SDXC cards, high-speed class 10 cards are recommended
Please see manufacturer's site for a list of approved cards

USB Port

1 x USB type B (for factory use and keyboard connection with adapter)

Input Impedances

XLR Mic: 4kΩ : for use with ≤ 600Ω mics
XLR Line: 10kΩ : for use with ≤ 2kΩ outputs
Returns: 30kΩ : for use with ≤ 2kΩ outputs

Maximum Input Level

XLR Mic: 0 dBu (0.78 Vrms)
XLR Line: +40 dBu (80 Vrms)
Returns: +24 dBu (12.4 Vrms)

High-Pass Filter

Sweepable 80 Hz to 240 Hz, -12 dB/oct @ 80 Hz, -6 dB/octave @ 240 Hz

Output Impedances

Line: 100Ω : for use with ≥ 600Ω inputs
-10: 3.2kΩ : for use with ≥ 10kΩ inputs
Mic: 150Ω : for use with ≥ 600Ω inputs

Clipping Level

Line Outputs: (1% THD) 20 dBu minimum with 10k load

Maximum Output Level

Line: +20 dBu (7.8 Vrms)
-10: +6 dBu (1.5 Vrms)
Mic: -20 dBu (0.078 Vrms)
Tape Outs: +6 dBu (1.5 Vrms)


Analog output limiter: threshold selectable from +4 dBu to +20 dBu, 1 dB steps, 20:1 limiting ratio, 1 mS attack time, 500 mS release time

Maximum Gain

Mic-In-to-Line-Out: 93 dB
Mic-In-to-Aux-Out @ -10dBV: 79 dB
Line-In-to-Line-Out: 39 dB

Frequency Response

20 Hz to 50 kHz ±0.5 dB

THD + Noise

0.09% max (1 kHz, 22 Hz to 22 kHz BW, fader at 0, 0 dBu output)

Equivalent Input Noise

-126 dBu (-128 dBV) max (22 Hz to 22 kHz bandwidth, flat filter, trim control fully up)

Recording Tracks

10 tracks (6 inputs, 4 output buses)

A/D Conversion


Sampling Rates

44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048 kHz

Dynamic Range (Typical)

114 dB, A-weighted

Digital Outputs

AES3 transformer-balanced, in pairs; 1-2 XLR-L, 3-4 XLR-R, 5-6, multi-pin 1, 7-8, multi-pin 2, 110Ω, 2 V p-p, AES and S/PDIF compatible

File System Format

FAT32 formatted, will format memory cards on-board, WAV (Broadcast Wave File format) polyphonic


± 0.2 ppm (0.5 frames per 24 hours)


Modes Supported: off, Rec Run, Free Run, 24h Run, External
Frame Rates: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97DF, 29.97ND, 30DF, 30ND
Accuracy: Ambient Generator, 0.5 frames in 24 hr
Time Code Input: 20kΩ impedance, 0.3 V to 3.0 V p-p (-17 dBu to +3 dBu)
Time Code Output: 1kΩ impedance, 3.0V p-p (+12 dBu)
Word In/Out: square wave; 10k/75Ω, 1-5V p-p input; 75Ω, 3.3V p-p output, at SR

Power Supply

Isolated 10-18 V on locking 4-pin Hirose connector

Battery Operable

Accepts 5 x AA (LR6) batteries, 1.2 to 1.5V nominal (NiMH rechargeable compatible)

Operating Temperature Range

-4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C), up to 90% relative humidity

Dimensions (H x W x D)

2.1 x 12.6 x 7.8" (5.3 x 32 x 19.8 cm)


4.75 lb (2.15 kg)

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