Edelkrone SliderPlus


The Edelkrone SliderPlus is a revolutionary camera slider system that uses unique design and technology to deliver long camera slides in a compact sized device. The steady module adds tension to the slider’s cable system, increasing smoothness on video slides. The Action Module enables the user to utilize a number of different programmed movements such as programmed video movements, timelapses, and stop motion. While cameras such as the Canon C300 can be used on the Edelkrone (stripped down to appropriate weight), DSLR’s work the best, and give the user the most “bang-for-the-buck”. This is a great way to increase production value while working on a budget.


Edelkrone SliderPlus

Package Includes:

  • Edelkrone Slider Plus
  • Steady Module
  • Carry Case
  • Action Module ($35.00 Upgrade)
  • Target Module ($35.00 Upgrade)
  • Tripod ($50.00 Upgrade)


Additional information
Travel Distance

3' when mounted on tripod, 1'6" when used on ground/surface.

Load Capacity

20 pounds maximum on tripod; 35 pounds maximum on ground/surface.
With Target Module: Horizontal Rotation: 11 lb Vertical Rotation: 22 lb

Battery LIfe

For the Target and Action Modules, battery life is up to 8 hours with fully charged LP-6 batteries.

Action Module Modes

Wizard, Photo Timelapse, Video Timelapse, Stop Motion, Macro.

Timelapse FPS

8, 12, 18, 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 72, 120,

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