F11 Rentals Enjoys A Sure Thing

F11 Rentals knows that it’s tough out there, and we need you to know that we understand, and we’re here for you. That’s why we’ve invested in the Action and Target Modules for our Edelkrone SliderPlus Pro. Math is almost as scary as audio, and it’s as useful as snow at a BBQ, that’s why Edelkrone has taken almost all math and thinking out of slide moves and time-lapse photography.

In all seriousness, a lot of times, artists want and need to move quickly when inspiration and opportunity strike, and the fine, intelligent folks across the pond at Edelkrone have created amazing pieces of gear to accompany the Edelkrone SliderPlus to enable accurate, precise, and guaranteed slide moves, time-lapses, and everything in between. The intelligent software does all the math and calculations for you! We cannot wait to get the gear out to test it and learn all about it so we can pass the knowledge and gear off to you. We’ll let you know when it’s available for rent.

F11 Rentals is the place for Las Vegas video production gear rental.

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